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October 07, 2011


Mark S

Dietrich is an amazing man who seemed to do everything right. A tremendous legacy and example for all of us. Thanks for the post Chris.

Paul Vittone

Thanks Chris for the laugh when we need it. I remember a great Bill quote about stories like this: "My father would recognize it; my mother would believe it."

John F

He represents the last of the type who sent thank you letters to the GP at the end of a fund's life. I wish he'd had more time to enjoy the accolades following his amazing gifts to CMU and Pitt, but no doubt he planned it this way. Thanks Chris for a fitting tribute.

Andrei Vorobiev


This is so good in English (even before Fitzgerald), I almost swore in Russian.

I never knew Dietrich, but you made me miss him.

Thank you.

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