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September 29, 2009


Jamie Siminoff

Great post. This is such a huge problem that is just not getting enough attention.

I like Paul Graham's idea as well, if someone wants to come here and build something lets make it really easy.

Also lets make it easy for the brains to stay. They do not compete for "our" jobs they make the overall US economy stronger and larger. Sending them home hurts everyone.


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Hey Chris,

Nice post. Thanks for supporting the Startup Visa. We're huge fans too.

We did up a Lord of the Rings spoof to help raise awareness. Check it out - looks like you're one of the good guys :-)



Working at a tech co located in a distressed urban area, I would add a idea US politicians could perhaps get behind. Why not allow unlimited or priority visa's to persons hired by tech companies located in certain distressed urban zones where economic development is needed. This would cause some large tech co's and start-ups to locate in these distressed areas as they would have a hiring edge (as well as other incentives available). This visa issue may have abated with the economy, but it wil be back -- and finding ways to attract jobs or residents to urban areas may be a interesting combo.

Scott Allison

The US really should do whatever it can to make it easy for founders to come to the USA as a lot of countries are making it really hard for their local entrepreneurs to set up and succeed at home. So there is demand for supportive environments and the US could fill it! If it does so the USA will strengthen its protective moat in tech (to use a Buffettism).

This post of mine after a panel discussion at Le Web in Paris explains what the problem is with tech entrepreneurship in Europe. https://ascottallison.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/whats-wrong-with-tech-entrepreneurship-in-europe/

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