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May 11, 2009



Great post - have lived it so read with a knowing smile.

Just to reiterate one of the points you made re year on year accountability - one of our GP's makes each portfolio coy put up a summary of objectives for the year (financial and non financial) as well as reviewing what they said last year - saves dusting off the notes.
Needless to say the GP also applies this discipline to themselves, which is refreshing.

Rob Lindberg

This was great reading for any session, presentation, meeting-set. Thanks!


I could use a black fleece vest. Will help me blend in with the unemployed banker crowd when I'm in Tahoe. XL. Thanks in advance for hooking me up.



I have to call up my IT department since I just spewed water all over my computer upon reading about the large herd of polypropylene sheep.


P.S. Your grasp of the spanish language is impressive.

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